Evolve Fitwear #StayStylinSaturdays – OmGirl Outfit Review

Hey guys!   I'm starting a new series to review the amazing selection of clothes that I compile every Saturday for - an eCommerce site I provide creative direction services for! What I love most about working for Evolve Fitwear is the fact that it's a completely women owned and ran

DIY Upcycled Wine Bottle Bird Feeder (How To)

Almost a month ago, I moved into a home with my boyfriend and my to bulldogs. It's the largest home we've lived in, and certainly the most fun! We have a huge backyard (huge to me) and it needed a lot of TLC to get it up to my standards.

Go Veg, Get Healthy

There's lots of hype out there about veg(etari)ans being unhealthy. Lately, lots of bloggers have come out saying they quit being vegan because their "body told them to". That's strange, because if I were to listen to my body I would be eating cookies for breakfast and sipping margaritas on

Vegan Chili with Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

Nothing about this makes sense, seeing as though I am posting a hot and hearty chili dish in the full force of summer heat. However, it is a dish that my boyfriend's mom, Vickie, requests on the regular, and I thought it would be fitting to serve since it is

Sip Portland’s Maca Madness Smoothie Recipe Hack

Nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect balance of wholesome ingredients to create the same, or better, taste from something I've enjoyed. I fell in love with the Maca Madness smoothie when my beautiful friend Erica treated me to one at Sip Portland. Because I follow mostly all health/vegan

Saturday Morning Scrambled Eggs & Sausage Recipe

Dear Earthlings, YOU CAN EAT EGGS & SAUSAGE SANS DEAD ANIMALS! There has never been more of a need to ditch meat & dairy than now. As National Geographic recently reported, the demand for meat will increase doubly by the middle of the century, and that means that the production of said

Fresh Kung Pao Salad Recipe

HAAAAIIIIIIYAH! Whenever I see the word Kung Pao I always make that sound... Whenever I see a dish with Kung Pao, I always order it. Today, I made it. I like to trick myself (and my boyfriend) into eating at least 50% raw on our plates. The easiest way to

Chickpea Salad Sandwich Recipe

Hey yo! I have finally mustered up the courage to take photos of my favorite vegan recipes. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Ashley, who recently decided to cut meat out of her life (HOLLAAAAAA!), I will be sharing the foods that make my tummy and my conscience happy! Bear with me as

Kure Smoothie Recipe Hack

I have an addiction to Kure Juice Bar's "The Extra Mile" smoothie. It is creamy, smooth, sweet, and delicious. I wake up and have a need for the taste on my tongue. However, the cost for two of these smoothies to satiate my boyfriend and my addiction becomes a little outlandish.