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DIY Upcycled Wine Bottle Bird Feeder (How To)

Almost a month ago, I moved into a home with my boyfriend and my to bulldogs. It’s the largest home we’ve lived in, and certainly the most fun! We have a huge backyard (huge to me) and it needed a lot of TLC to get it up to my standards. Enter: my incredible mom. She’s been my girl scout troop leader, my cheer coach, my psychologist, my nurse, my personal chef, and recently – my landscaper. She’s turned a dumpy old yard into a bohemian oasis with minimal cost involved. (I’ll post a whole blog about the details after this).


All that being said, the deteriorating fence wasn’t doing my mom’s hard labor and expertise any justice. I decided to take all my old wine bottles (embarrassing amount) and turn them into bird feeders. I love the pop of color and the fact that I get to watch birds (and squirrels) enjoy food from my backyard.

What You’ll Need

Scrap wood, at least 29″ x 20″
Rotating Saw
Power Drill
Sand Paper
2″ Wood Screws (14)
Empty Wine Bottle
2″ Hole Saw
Bird Seed

Step by Step Instructions

1. Soak wine bottle
This will help the label come off easily. I soaked mine for a little over 24 hours, but I’m sure less would work!

2. Measure out your cutsimage-15
1 – 18″H x 10.25″ W – back of bird feeder
2 – 4.25″H x 10.25″W – bottom of seed holder
3 – (2) 1.625″H x 3.5″W – Sides of seed holder
4 – 2.25″H x 10.25″W – Front of seed holder
5 – 3.625″ H x 7..25″W – wine bottle holder
I marked which pieces were which by number so that I could reference them in the future, should I need to. Really the only things that you might get mixed up are 2 and 4.


image-143. Cut & sand your pieces
Be extremely careful and be sure to use protective eyewear! Sand off the sharp edges and fragments, we don’t want to hurt the little baby birdies (and squirrels) feetsies!






4. Drill the hole
This is where your wine bottle will sit in the center of the piece (5)





image-9  image-8image-7













5. Put it all together
- Screw the bottom of the seed holder (2) onto the bottom of the back (1) with two screws.
– Screw the sides of the seed holder (3) through the back piece (1)
– Screw the front of the seed holder (4) to the front of the sides of the seed holder (3) with two screws
– Screw the wine bottle holder (5) to the back (1) with two screws
You want it to be about an inch above the bottom of the seed holder so that it can gravity feed over time. I placed mine about 6″ from the bottom of the seed holder. Be sure that the wine bottle holder is in the middle of the back so that it is even on both sides.

6. Paint







7. Screw to fence with 4 screws

Place the feeder in a spot where birds won’t be vulnerable to predators. Somewhere near, under, or on a tree and off the ground.

image-38. Fill Wine Bottle
After cleaning & drying out your wine bottle, use the funnel to fill the wine bottle with seed. Take some extra seed and place it in the bottom of the seed holder, then put the wine bottle upside down and watch it go to work!






Enjoy your bird feeder! It may take up to several weeks for birds to find it. Fortunately for me, I got to see a little squirrel maneuver his way onto it and enjoy some lunch, before being barked at by the bullies haha.



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