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Project Description

Hired as Creative Director, design responsibilities included branding, identity, web design, apparel design, mobile interior design, and costume design. Creative direction was applied to every aspect of the business. Creative freedom lead to temporary mustache tattoos, a custom built photobooth in the side of a mobile truck, and – of course – pink fortune cookies.

Hot Pink Taco Truck from Kristina Leanne on Vimeo.

With the help of Kevin Keeland,  project manager and lead developer, we created a website that can centralize the various aspects of the business. We wanted each entity to be cohesive, but also unique. is the basis for this concept which includes Hot Pink Taco’s Blog, Contact, Geo-Locator, and Menu.

One of the most important articles in a start-up is the business plan. Because Hot Pink Taco is innovative in every angle of business, we decided to bring a whole new light to the business plan. The idea was to create a plan that would motivate existing associates and to inspire & substantiate potential investors. The final product includes Business Overview, Industry & Market Analysis, Marketing & Branding Strategies, as well as Outlook & Expansion and an Investment Overview.

Presenting an aesthetically pleasing graphic overview of the business provides the viewer with an innovative approach to the otherwise monotonous business plan, seen repetitively.


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