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Project Description

It seemed as though my life experiences led me up to the point of being hired as Creative Director for a skincare startup called Pibu Skincare. Identity, creative direction, packaging, social media strategy, and web design were all needed to create the brand that would soon be placed in high-end hotels across Portland, and eventually the United States.

Starting with the logo, I wanted to create something simple that could be applied to all types of beauty products. I believe that company’s mission should be short, sweet, and powerful, so I created “You make the World more beautiful” as Pibu’s mission statement and tagline. Thereafter, packaging was necessary to begin distributing the products to influential beauty bloggers for their professional opinions, so that we could make changes per their requests.

For the packaging elements, I wanted to simply display the effects each product had on the skin and to allure the buyer to the product due to it’s simplicity. Once the packaging was complete, we started creating a video that displayed the value of our products. An eBrochure was also designed to show the many benefits of offering Pibu masks in retail locations, and also the profitability. A website was necessary for sales and distribution, so we created a responsive site that was applicable on all platforms. The website has since been changed.

I had a blast creating the brand and helping the company get started, and I look forward to their success!


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